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Nishant Kaushik

Vaibhav Kulkarni has had few accomplishments worth boasting about in his modest life and career. Yet, his happy universe lies intact in the love and pride his t...


Sunil Gera

Ranbir’s first film does not seem to fulfill all his dreams of making it big in the film industry. He has to run away from Mumbai to avoid loan shark. Som...

Available (06:37:1)

Dhruv Gajjar

WORDS are mightier than anything else in this world. Sometimes they serve as liaisons between two distinct hearts, and sometimes they shatter two people irrepar...

Available (05:36:38)

Oswald Pereira

Hill Mansion wasn't really a mansion; it was just a ramshackle hut on a small hill. But for Robert Pereira, it was better than any place he had seen in his ...


Abhisar Sharma

I wish we had the courage to have a second child. Abhimanyu Sharma, 13, is on the threshold of a new beginning when his father's remark scars him and his re...


Nikhil Mahajan

As Long As I Love You is a romance story that focusses on the fact that, while love is a beautiful thing, it tends to leave several broken hearts in its wake. ...


Vicky Arora

Ronnie is 18 and wants to hook up with as many hot chicks as possible. Since practice makes a man perfect, he practices every day with different partners or mul...


Abhay Nagarajan

The dominating boss and the docile subordinate form Corporate Atyaachaar are back! In The Off-site Tamasha, a team of financial advisors are headed to Kyari for...



“Life is like a guitar. Tune. Play. Repeat,” says Viktor, a US based financial professional of Indian origin. He was rich, smart, intelligent, witty...

Available (06:56:49)

Bhavna Khemlani

Ryan loves photography and would do anything to capture life an celluloid. Ever since he was a child, he was waiting for certain answers from his uncle about hi...


Sabarna Roy

Pentacles comprises one long story and four short poems by Sabarna Roy. The work delightfully bridges the gap between the mundane and arcane writings of today a...


Namit Arora

The year is 2003. Ved, a 36-year-old Indian in Silicon Valley, works for Omnicon, the world's largest computer networking company whose culture he finds bot...