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Urmilla Deshpande

Each story in this first-of-its-kind collection takes you into a realm where people are prompted by love, desire, jealousy, hatred and, at times, a strange comp...


Prachi Garg

Manav goes on to build an AI writer, which starts off with penning down his thoughts and ideas for him, almost like being a virtual journal. As time passes, Man...


Suhas Inamdar

Do you think the doctor-patient relationship is sacrosanct? How confident are you that your friendly doctor is not a pill mill doctor and is not prescribing ...


Palash Krishna Mehrotra

In this one-of-a-kind anthology, Indrajit Hazra introduces you to booze jabberwocky in an essay brimming over with linguistic playfulness; Sidharth Bhatia write...


Dhrubajyoti Borah

June, along with Ron and several other insurgents, is fleeing their hideout in Bhutan after an army attack. With them is their injured, unconscious leader who i...


Mitra Phukan

A musician never realized the truth of the saying ‘Music is a harsh taskmaster’ until his beloved instrument exacts the highest sacrifice. An unfait...


Neerja Gaurie

A solitary woman (milieu 21st century India an educated, trendy, modern and apparently free spirited one at that) describes her passage through life by jottings...


Banta Natung

iMemoirs of a Boy' is a touching story of a simple village teenager from a small town who comes to the city, to complete his high school and with hopes to f...


Kunal Sen

'Left from Dhakeshwari' is a collection of nine interconnected stories dealing with lust and loneliness, death and obsession, memories and madness. I...


Mary John Williams

"Aryaveer has always been the shield and armor of Bhupala kingdom, ever since he joined the army. The pain of betrayal that he nurtures in his heart from h...


Rudyard Kipling

A cursed Sahib finds ghostly cats about his path and around his bed. Two young soldiers are plagued by a banjo-playing spirit. An elderly lady shoos away import...


Suraj Kothiya

Neer, the head priest of the Himalayas, is troubled by the horrifying visions in his dream. On Ganga Maiyya's behest, he embarks on a journey to the doomed ...