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Latha Saravanan

பிள்ளையின் இமை பிரிக்க போராடும் அன்னையின் நிலைதான் எனக்க�...


Mike Gill

Dr David Palmer, ICU Consultant at the Royal Oldham Hospital describes Touch and Go, as, "Mike captures in his heart-breaking account a moment in history, ...


Mansi Kashyap

Jasmeet Sethi, lovingly called Jessi, is a young and free-spirited girl. Her life takes a new turn when she moves to Delhi from London. Excited by this adventur...


Birendra Kumar Bhattacharyya , Mitra Phukan

Blossoms in the Graveyard is the story of Mehr, a young girl from a village in what is at that time, East Pakistan. It is the story of her journey from dependen...


Shefali Tripathi Mehta

How did Trisha come up with such an incredible collection of stories? Who or what was her inspiration? Why was she being so suspiciously silent? When Trisha dis...


Purva Grover

If trees could talk, they’d have so much to tell: The story of two broken hearts, that stolen first kiss, those last words of a mother to her son, endless...


Giriraj Kishore , Manisha Chaudhry

Kasturba Gandhi is the fictionalised biography of Kasturba Gandhi, a lady as strong and great as Mahatma Gandhi. A lady who earned a place in history because of...


Sudipto Das

To begin afresh, after her broken marriage, Saoli returns to India and starts living in prembajar at the house her grandfather had bought from Bitasta’s f...


Nabaneeta Dev Sen

Ami an up am (I, an up am) was first published in Bengali in the sharadiya Ananda bazaar in 1976, It was the first novel on the natal movement in West Bengal. I...


Abhishek Bhattacharya

"The first rays of the sun fell on my face, waking me for the first time as a married man. I found Shreya lying on my lap. Though I had kissed her, several...


Amrinder Bajaj

In this autobiographical fiction, Amrita, stifled within the confines of her invisible cage, unfolds her life story. As her father chattel, a self-sacrificing w...


C.V. Balakrishnan , T.M. Yesudasan

Set in a Malabar village of Christian settlers, The Book of Passing Shadows, translated from the Malayalam original Aayusinte Pusthakam, tells the story of a fa...