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Rovic Gutierrez

Rob Gibson, a smart boy living in Lost Angeles, California was the center of bullying in school due to his strange skin disease. Added to that was a haunting dr...


Sourabh Mukherjee

Popular singer Debolina Mukherjee is found dead in her bungalow, due to an overdose of sedatives. In the same room is a stranger’s body, shot in the head....


Bantogan Malaya

"Born in not so well-off family, Gabriela (Gab) Magtanggol’s passion in creative writing pushed herself to secure a scholarship that gave her the pri...


Gary S. Kadet

Bob Plumose is a life coach whose own life is out of control. After teaching his clients all day about how to solve their short-term crises, Bob comes home to o...


Sadath Ali

A routine clinic visit turns detrimental to a pregnant girl, as she gets kidnapped by mysterious men. A Category-A criminal escapes from the Woodhill top sec...


Krishna Verma

If omen is the number 13, Then there exists ‘The Ghost of Sector-16! It was the summer of 2008 when Aseem, Shiven, and the protagonist went for six ...


Mantha Pavan

"Only God has the power to take life. I am doing that duty. I am God!" “I think we are dealing with a serial killer,” the ASP declared....

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