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Adele Parks

Tash and Rich are newly engaged and wild about each other. They can't wait to celebrate their wedding with their closest friends, all of whom have known each ot...

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Julie Garwood

By edict of the king, the mighty Scottish laird Alec Kincaid must take an English bride. His choice was Jamie, youngest daughter of Baron Jamison...a feisty, vi...

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Margaret Mayo

When Lucio Masterton discovers that he has a daughter, the Spaniard takes immediate action. He confronts Kirstie Rivers, the girl's mother, who he is sure has d...

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Anjali Vaswani and Vikas Bansal

Riya was in a dilemma. Should she help her hostel-friend Kamini, who was involved in a sex and drugs racket and was depending on her to get her out of the mess?...

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Durjoy Datta

An awkward young man, Deep, obsessed with libraries and books, has his dream come true when he is sent to Hong Kong by ATS Technologies to study and test the li...

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Kim Lawrence Melanie Milburne Day Leclaire

In his power...And in his bed? "Desert Prince, Blackmailed Bride" titles are written by Kim Lawrence. Rafiq, heir to a desert kingdom, thinks innocent Lizzie wi...

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Kimberly Lang

Waking up in a stranger’s bed is not how socialite Lorelei LaBlanc planned on spending the morning after the night before. From now on… a) No mo...

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A collection of masterpieces from the ancient, sensuous classics-from The Kama Sutra and The Perfumed Garden to the wild and wanton Roxana and Lady Chatterly's ...

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Penny Jordan

Penny Jordan needs no introduction as arguably the most recognisable name writing for Mills & Boon. We have celebrated her wonderful writing with a special coll...

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Martina Reilly

Warring spouses, embarrassing parents and the battle of the hairdressing salons . . . When Dublin girl Jane married local boy Jim, she thought it was for eve...

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Candace Camp

But her overprotective brother, the Duke of Rochford, has managed to scare off every suitable gentleman. Every man except the mysterious Earl of Bromwell, that ...

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Nora Roberts

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