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Chaitanya Suri

This is the story of a young unassuming boy, Surya. This is the story of his ineptitude through his adolescence, his discovery of hard-hitting realities of life...


Chibi Cazielle

"“It was a quietness that left the dammed singing. The dead can’t sing, it’s just a deception. Through a breeze, they murmur their tune. ...


Samantha Lucas

“O Lord, to know that one is not allowed to be afraid; it is the most frightening thing of all.” - A.J. West, The Spirit Engineer


Shrideep Ghogare

Saga of vinasha - Is the saga of ultimate vinasha the final destruction the ultimate apocalypse The story of things happening moments before the Shiva opened hi...

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Naina Kaur

An emotionally charged tale of a dead woman Noor who waits for Moksha, a daughter Ira who has been forced to face her truths when she wants to forget them and a...


Dr. Anuradha Agarwal

Is evil hereditary? Is righteousness a birth-right? Are the Gods guilty of favouritism and nepotism? A discriminatory and divisive society often treacherousl...


Siddhartha Thorat

The battle at Galwan Valley has shaken the nation to its core, which is already battling the Wuhan virus. But the challenge isn’t over yet. The Indian for...


Suhana Bhambhani , Bhavik Sarkhedi

There has been no significant change in the life of Kevin-a monotonous routine, ordinary family, and miserably failing relationships-until he finds out he is go...


Murali Sundara Raghavan

A presumably innocent banker A religious leader accused of murder A journalist who is after more than just the next big story A plan to use demonetization to...


Ashwini Rudra

When Himanshu (aka Guddu) Shukla, a middle-aged investment banker, encounters his early twenties' infatuation Rimjhim Singh at the Lucknow airport, it evoke...


Sana Altaf

A young girl, who is on a journey of finding her missing father, dedicates her entire life to tracing him. The story of two women whose strong bond of friendshi...


Kamini Kusum

Erika runs a bakery café in Goa. She is in love with hitman Peter who works for a mafia gang. Vishal, a brilliant cop, meets Erika in her café and...