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Kamini Kusum

Vedika Verma has been appointed as the bodyguard to the handsome royal Tejas Pratap Singh. A female bodyguard was the last thing in Tejas's mind as he wasn&...


Bhawani Singh

A Call from Pakistan is a fiction novel that describes the lives of minorities. The story takes place before the partition in a village of central Pakistan. Whe...


Vinay Chakravarthy

Kautilya, a teenager, is traveling alone through the dark jungles of ancient India. Suddenly he comes across a Banyan Tree that he is inexplicably drawn to. ...


Manisha Rana Mann

In the silence of the night I remember each of our fight Some days which were dull And the ones which were bright I remember the emotions which held me tigh...


Anuja Chandramouli

ABHIMANYU, beloved son of Arjuna is one of the most endearing figures of Indian mythology. The Golden Prince, blazed across the realm of myth like an effervesce...


Ruel Balquin Gracela

This book is a collection of short stories for children mostly in the form of fable which typically uses animals as characters. Each story conveyed unique moral...


Vasundhara Singh

In the city of Bhopal, where Gayatri lives with her Papa and Ma, mistresses are a common sight and her household is no exception. When Papa suffers a second car...


Kristin J Wall

It is the year 2044. Copy 13, the sole remnant of the highly advanced, self-replicating Haldis species, is reeling from the fated deaths of her late Primary and...


Sayan Panda

After putting an end to the animal trafficking ring in Spiti, Arannya has to put an end to the biggest mystery of his life. On his 21st birthday a letter arrive...



In this book, Uzbek writers have participated with their unique creative work. It contains poems, stories and articles by Uzbek writers.


Cade Brooke

Detective Dan, a techy eighteen-year-old who enjoys making new contraptions for maximum proficiency, is determined to take back his homeland from the Coronians,...


Beredo Briony

The Life and Loves of Victoria chronicles the journey of a young and liberated Filipina who has just graduated from college and goes abroad to work as a custome...