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After almost two decades of running away, that most prominent family of San Sebastian finally decided to step again on the land, bringing with them the last gen...


Kieu Bich Hau

“Ngày ta gặp nhau nắng chói chang mật ngọt Mây bay ngang đầu, gió cuốn tóc em xanh Bàn tay anh ấm ...


Dr.Arpita Chatterjee

The book is for adovating inclusion of each and every individual for the progressive growth of the women. Its just a small booklet that address a few issues but...


Maor Kohn

ISA agent Yael Lavie has seen more than enough death and suffering throughout her industrious career. But after losing her husband in a bomb attack, her work ta...


Monjula De

In a picturesque town, a little girl named Lily finds herself struggling with maths. Her tears of frustration catches the attention of a celestial visitor angel...


Tanuja Tarale

Let's Trend Parasitism! delves into the intriguing question: ""Why has the law become weak?"" This book explores the fragility of legal ...


Peter Oredsson

Chloe has allegedly stolen 27 million euros from the Mafia in Greece, but she has no recollection of it. Under hypnosis she recalls parts but is unaware the hyp...


Rithwik Kabir Shivnani

Are Science & Religion two sides of the same coin? Two brothers of the same mother? Born of curiosity did they take two different paths in pursuit of the...


Lyka Remorozo Orobia

Ang sari-saring puso ay koleksiyon ng mga tula na isinulat sa malayang taludturan na naglalayong ihayag ang iba’t -ibang nararamdaman ng puso sa iba&rsquo...


Suchismita Ghoshal

Written back during the COVID- 19 period, ‘Ombrophilous Feelings’ transcends the elevation of feelings, imagination and creativity . It is a magnifi...



Come to my house. Sit at my table. Let's talk of things. But my truth, can you handle? Come, Dear Guests!


Fernando Rodriguez De Mondesert

Este libro contiene las entrevistas realizadas por Jazz en Dominicana en el año 2019. Incluyen 7 músicos de jazz y 4 productores y presentadores d...