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Emily Nagoski

For much of the 20th and 21st centuries, women’s sexuality was an uncharted territory in science, studied far less frequently—and far less seriously...


Giulia Enders

Reading books is a kind of enjoyment. Reading books is a good habit. We bring you a different kinds of books. You can carry this book where ever you want. It is...


Tamikio Dooley

Ways to Nourish Your Mind and Body Ultimate Health and Nutrition Guide is a handbook, covering dieting, nutrition, mental and physical health. The guide covers ...


Devapatni Bhoopathy

My time as a volunteer has given me insights into my persona which otherwise would have remained hidden in the recesses of my retired life I have discovered a p...

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Shailendra Priyadarshi

A hands on experience for medical students, administrators in health management and for the common people all over.