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Rujuta Diwekar

Rujuta Diwekar is amongst the most followed nutritionists globally, and a leading health advocate. Over the past decade, her writings have decisively shifted fo...

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Meditation for Busy People offers simple strategies to reduce tension, minimize chronic stress, and quickly relax and unwind. Nobody needs meditation mo...

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B. K. S. Iyengar

The book, ‘Light on Yoga: The Classic Guide to Yoga by the World's Foremost Authority’ provides reliable and accurate information on the subject...

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Anushka Shetty , Luke Coutinho

What's the one remedy common to controlling diabetes, hyperthyroidism, kidney and liver stones and excess weight? Lifestyle. Luke Coutinho, co-author of&nbs...

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Vasant Lad

Readers of my work will find this book an invaluable resource'. The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies is a comprehensive encyclopedia of self-healing...

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Dr. C. Pierce Salguero , David Roylance

Drawing from thai history, cultural studies, Buddhist religion, and yogic practices, as well as a modern understanding of anatomy and physiology, this guidebook...

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Kavita Devgan

Considered as an ideal book for those who are looking forward to lose weight and stay fit, ‘Don’t Diet: 50 Habits of Thin People’ ushers in th...

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Dr Jaishree Sharad

What if you could achieve glowing skin in just six weeks? Sounds unbelievable, but it's true! In Skin Rules, Dr Jaishree Sharad, one of India's t...

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Santhanam Aparna

'In the midst of her busy schedule, multiple commitments and looking after others, every woman should read this book for sure. Cutting through all the myths...

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Amaresh Ojha , Subhra Moitra

Who doesn’t want to be fitter! We all do, and we want instant results. Most of us struggle to make place for fitness into our lifestyle due to lack of ti...

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H.K. Bakhru

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Dr. H.K. Bakhru

The Natural way to nourish yourself, beauty and health go hand in hand. The finest cosmetics in the world cannot disguise the effects of poor nutrition, lack of...

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