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Namita Jain

After all those failed efforts at dieting, here is finally something that can give you hope. The Four Week Countdown Diet is a diet regime compiled by world ren...


Dr Akshay Batra

Hair : everthing you ever wanted to know Your Hair is Your most beautiful accessory. It adorns you and protects you. But did you know that the state of your hai...


Heidi Murkoff , Arlene Eisenberg & Sandee Hathaway

Overflowing with intelligence and good common sense, this comprehensive guide provides clear explanations and useful guidelines on everything a parent might wan...


Deepak Chopra & David Simon

The fantastic food from one of the world\'s finest retreats to nourish body and soul . The Chopra Centre for Well Being is a retreat that serves as a beauti...


Desmond Morris

Desmond Morris combines his skills as a zoologist and manwatcher to take a close look at the most remarkable life-form ever to draw breath on this planet - the ...


Linda Goldberg , Ginny Brinkley , Janice Kukar

Your personal step-by-step journey through the childbirth experience -- and beyond.



Dedicated to healthy eating, the American Heart Association has always provided readers with delicious ways to reduce their sodium intake– without sacrifi...


Brian Alman

A clinical psychologist explains how to utilize the power of self-hypnosis to lose weight and to keep it off, providing concise, four-part instructions for self...


Daniel G Amen , Md

Daniel Amen, M.D., one of the world’s foremost authorities on the brain, has news for you: your brain is involved in everything you do—learn to care...


Robin Barker

How to stay one step ahead of your Might Toddler? Robin Barker takes you into the toddler years of one, two and three. The Mighty Toddler is the most comprehens...


Deepak Chopra

The Kama Sutra is many things: a venerable ancient text of India; a marital aid sneaked furtively into the bedroom; and to many people throughout the ages, a sc...


Dr Peter J D'Adamo

From the doctor whose expertise brought us the bestselling Eat Right 4 Your Type - the ground-breaking lifestyle diet book on the connection between blood type ...