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Kishore Mahbubani

Can Asians think? Is Western civilization universal? Does the West promote human rights for altruistic reasons? Since 1998, Kishore Mahbubani has attempted to a...


Bill Mckibben

We are on the verge of crossing the line from born to made, from created to built. Sometime in the next few years, a scientist will reprogram a human egg or spe...


Mark Crispin Miller

Read a newspaper or catch the news on television and you might get the impression that America's current leadership is "mainstream": perhaps a bit...


Ross Terrill

This past spring, the outbreak of SARS grabbed the attention of the world. The schizophrenic, paranoid way the Chinese government handled the outbreak perfectly...



This volume is the outcome of an international conference organized jointly by the Observer Research Foundation of India and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation of German...


Avanti Bhati

The Kashmir problem, today, evokes images of the militancy and fighting in the state. Forgotten, however, are the living victims of the militancy, the people fo...


Said Hyder Akbar , Susan Burton

Building on two acclaimed radio documentaries aired on This American Life, Hyder Akbar tells how his ordinary suburban California life was turned upside-down af...


Robin David

How to stay normal when things fall apart: an unexpurgated account. In two successive years Gujarat, and in particular Ahmedabad, was visited by two calamities,...


Joseph Stiglitz , Linda Bilmes

America has already spent close to a trillion dollars on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but there are hundreds of billions of bills still due—including...


Lee Harris

Whether by choice or not, the West finds itself in a low-grade yet bitter war with Islamic fanaticism. It is a war the West is singularly ill-equipped to fight....


Ann Coulter

To hear liberals tell it, you’d think they do nothing but suffer at the hands of ruthless entities like the “Republican Attack Machine” and Fo...


Gretchen Peters

September 11 cost al Qaeda only $500,000. Terrorist groups can now earn that from the dope trade every week. We think of the Taliban and al Qaeda as jihadis fig...