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Isher Judge Ahluwalia

Renowned economist Is her Judge Ahluwalia addresses India's urban issues Indian cities are desperately in need of transformation. Whether it is the lack of ...


P.J. O'Rourke

With his latest national best seller, Peace Kills, P.J. O'Rourke casts his ever-shrewd and mordant eye on America's latest adventures in warfare. Imperi...


James Carroll

In this dramatic, intimate, and tragic memoir, James Carroll recovers a time that none of us will ever forget - a time when parents could no longer understand t...


Derek Leebaert

The Fifty-Year Wound is the first cohesively integrated history of the Cold War, one replete with important lessons for today. Drawing upon literature, strategy...


Henry Kissinger

Since the terrorist atrocities in New York and Washington on September 11th 2001 and the subsequent "War on Terrorism", the question of American forei...


Steve Crawshaw

Remarkable, mischievous, inspiring the eighty-odd stories in Small Acts of Resistance bring hidden histories to life. The courage of the people in the...


Andre Beteille

Caste, Class and Power is an intensive study of the changing patterns of social stratification in a multi-caste village in South India, first published in 1965....


Matthew R Simmons

Twilight in the Desert reveals a Saudi oil and production industry that could soon approach a serious, irreversible decline. In this exhaustively researched boo...

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Jim Taylor

Five years ago the world of agency communications turned upside down. Ogilvy introduced 360 degree thinking, Unilever formulated their ABC process, TBWA develop...

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Sean Hannity

Nearly three years have passed since that tragic day in September. Since then, our wounds have healed, but our senses and memories have dulled. At first, the...

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James Morton

No book in recent years has detailed for the public a history of sex and the courts. From a starting point in the 19th Century, SEX, CRIMES AND MISDEMEANOURS ex...

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Humra Quraishi

Dispatches from a valley under siege Since 1989, Kashmir has rarely been out of the headlines, as local militants, foreign terrorists and PBI - Indian security ...

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