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Mushirul Hasan

This book unfolds the recent history of over one hundred million Muslims living in India, details their fears and anxieties, delineates their main currents of t...

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Paul Krugman

No one has more authority to call the shots the way they really are than award-winning economist Paul Krugman, whose provocative New York Times columns are keen...

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Neamatollah Nojumi

On September 11, 2001, the world looked in horror at one of the most nefarious acts of terrorism in history. Neamatollah Nojumi explains how Afghanistan became ...

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Amartya Sen

Choice, Welfare and Measurement contains many of Amartya Sen's most important contributions to economic analysis and methods, including papers on choice, pr...

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Sanjay Subrahmanyam

Originally planned as a festschrift for Dharma Kumar, this collection of outstanding essays has recently appeared as a special issue of IESHR. The essays repres...

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Strobe Talbott

On May 11, 1998 , three nuclear devices exploded under the Thar, or Great Indian Desert, shaking the surrounding villages-and the rest of the world. The immedia...

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Mary Anne Weaver

Wedged between India and Afghanistan, Pakistan is the second-largest nation in the Islamic world, and is situated in what is currently one of the most volatile ...

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Randeep Ramesh

The War We Could Not Stop, though written against the clock and without the benefit of either official papers or hindsight, is more than a simple eyewitness his...

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Arun Shourie

Why women are "The greatest affliction", "Majority in hell" - The powers a husband has over his wives. Why believers must put on non - belie...

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S. D. Muni

India's search for energy security is assuming challenging dimensions. In the broad framework of India's approach to its Asian neighbors, this study exp...

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Avanti Bhati

The Kashmir problem, today, evokes images of the militancy and fighting in the state. Forgotten, however, are the living victims of the militancy, the people fo...

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Kent Calder

Asia, with its new-found affluence as the world's lowest-cost and highest-quality manufacturer, is devoting much of its windfall profits to arms. Growth and...

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