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Manash Firaq Bhattacharjee

This urgent and compelling book comes at a time when toxic nationalism is causing the violent and systematic exclusion of political, religious, sexual and other...


Ramin Jahanbegloo

[This] book succeeds in making us see the poetics of disobedience in the utterly illiberal prosaic ethos of our times, in the light of giving Gandhi a new radic...


Harsh Trivedi

The year is 2030, India will never be the same again... What happens when a Brahmin youth decides to embark on a life-changing journey to lose his virginity and...


Azeem Ibrahim

Over four lakh Rohingyas have fled Myanmar and thousands have been killed since the military crackdown and sectarian violence that began in August 2017. The wor...


Romain Rolland

The book is an honest commentary on the ‘Father of The Nation’ – Mahatma Gandhi. Written by well known French philosopher Romain Rolland, the ...


Nathuram Godse

Godse approached Gandhi on January 30, 1948 during the evening prayer at 5:15 pm. When Godse bowed, one of the girls flanking and supporting Gandhi, said to God...


Gautam Pradhan

LAND OF THE MARATHAS, 1661 – 1674 Shivaji Bhosale’s struggle against imperial powers continues as massive Mughal armies repeatedly descend upon h...


Nadim Siraj

Secret Notes From Iran is the first-person account of a journalist who travelled through Iran, disguised as a casual tourist, during the stormy US-Iran stand-of...


Nahar Kurundkar

The national awareness that Shivaji Maharaj initiated, his appraoch towards people of other religions and his sense of duty towards his subjectd was what awaken...


Dr. Mangesh Kashyap

Multiple ancient civilizations of India history and mythology flourished on Indian river banks and when they dried up, civilizations too vanished. Lately, due t...


Thomas Merton

Gandhi on Non-Violence brings together the political and moral philosophies central to the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi, pared down to their essentials. Phil...