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V P Malik

Even As The Indian Prime Minister And His Pakistani Counterpart Hugged Each Other After Signing The Lahore Declaration In February 1999, Pakistan Army Personnel...

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Jack Higgins

A Game For Heroes is set during the second World War. It is a story which tells of the heroics of a battle-hardened soldier, who is willing to make the ultimate...

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Gerhard L. Weinberg

This major work is the first general history of World War II to be based both on the existing literature and on extensive work in British, American and German a...

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Thomas Powers

In a brilliantly researched work, the author of The Man Who Kept the Secrets tells how the interplay between science and espionage, military motivation and mora...

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Claire Welch

The Nazis unleashed a war on the world which resulted in the deaths of countless millions. During the twelve years which the Third Reich lasted, they wreaked de...

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Michael Howard

This book is an insightful narrative history, focusing on why the First World War occurred, how it was fought, and why it had the consequences it did. It exa...

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John Keegan

The First World War created the modern world. A conflict of unprecedented ferocity, it abruptly ended the relative peace and prosperity of the Victorian era, un...

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