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Savetlana Palmer , Sarah Wallis

Departing radically from traditional histories, A WAR IN WORDS tells the story of the First World War on a compelling, human scale through the letters and diari...


Max Arthur

This unique landmark oral history uses first-hand accounts from ordinary men and women who were there. Gripping, poignant, surprising and even humorous, the ...


John Ray

July 1940: as Britain stood alone, the Army exhausted and defeated by the Wehrmacht and the Royal Navy stretched worldwide, only the English Channel and the RAF...


Gymne Dyer

The foundations of World War III are being laid today - this is the central message of Future: Tense. The whole world needs America to lose the war in Iraq as s...


Douglas Reeman


Jack Higgins

A Game For Heroes is set during the second World War. It is a story which tells of the heroics of a battle-hardened soldier, who is willing to make the ultimate...


Michael B Oren

The Arab-Israeli war of 1967 lasted for only six days. However in reality, the war between the two countries never ended. The region suffered from the consequen...


Karen Farrington

World War II was the most immense human conflict ever known. The handbook of world War II shows exactly how it took shape, from its beginnings in the confused p...


Gary Berntsen , Ralph Pezzullo

The Book the CIA Doesn’t Want You to Read Gary Berntsen, the CIA’s key commander coordinating the fight against the Taliban forces around Kabul, com...


Roger Moorhouse

For the first time in one enthralling book, here is the incredible true story of the numerous attempts to assassinate Adolf Hitler and change the course of hist...


Catrine Clay

During the last days of July 1914 telegrams flew between the King, the Kaiser and the Tsar. George V, Wilhelm II and Nicholas II, known in the family as Georgie...


Winston S. Churchill

Triumph and Tragedy is the sixth and last volume of Winston s. Churchill’s monumental the Second World War. The complete series is now available everywher...