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H. S. Sardesai

'The epic text of Ranjit Desai's Shriman Yogi finds new voice in Vikrant Pande's nuanced translation, an immersive narrative of the foundations of t...

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Savetlana Palmer , Sarah Wallis

Departing radically from traditional histories, A WAR IN WORDS tells the story of the First World War on a compelling, human scale through the letters and diari...

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John Huges

This book, with a new introduction by the author, is the story of the dramatic events that brought about the downfall of Indonesia's then national hero--Suk...

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People all around the world are fascinated by Indian history, culture and the way people are still connected with their roots. This book covers comprehensive In...

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Lesley Hazleton

The First Muslim: The Story of Muhammad is the story of the founder of Islam and also the very first Muslim of Islam, Muhammad, a common merchant who became a p...

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Partha S. Ghosh

It is a political study of the controversy surrounding the issue of the uniform civil code vis-à-vis personal laws from a South Asian perspective. At ...

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Sudhir Kumar

With around 1.4 million employees and 1.1 million pensioners, one of the world's largest railway networks (over 63,332 kms of routes) running approximately ...

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One of the most arduous tasks before strategic decision makers in the field of security deals with the twin problems of military production and procurement. Fas...

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E.H.Gombrich translated by Caroline Mustill

E. H. Gombrich's bestselling history of the world for young readers tells the story of mankind from the Stone Age to the atomic bomb, focusing not on small ...

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Henry M Paulson

DEALING WITH CHINA takes the reader behind closed doors to witness the creation and evolution and future of China's state-controlled capitalism.Hank Paulson...

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Anuj Dhar

From the best selling author of India’s Biggest Cover-up In 2013, the Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court described as ‘genuine and based on r...

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