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Juliet Johnson

Priests of Prosperity explores the unsung revolutionary campaign to transform postcommunist central banks from command-economy cash cows into Western-style...


Shreyas Bhave

Maratha Swarajya, 1663: The dream of a kingdom of the people envisioned by Raje Shivaji, is crumbling. There are enemies to the North, and to the South. The con...


Somjeeta Pandey

As a school of criticism, the central argument in Postcolonial studies revolves around dismantling the dominant narrative of colonial or imperial history. A col...


Amiya Coomar Ghosh

It’s a story of women during the times when sati pratha, female infanticide, and repression of women were common practices. While our heroes are intellige...


Brigadier (Retd) G B Reddy

In the burning of India, G B Reddy, based on cumulative knowledge gathered from National security domain experts of the past and the present and wide ranging wo...


Sudipto Roy Choudhry

"This novel interweaves three stories set in the Asian theatre of WWII in the fertile crescent stretching from Singapore to Calcutta. The first Chinese-Jap...


Prachi Garg

In the 1920s, a group of young revolutionaries under the leadership of Ram Prasad Bismil, took matters into their own hands to achieve freedom from the tyrannic...


Ghulam Murshid

Art, literature, music and other intellectual expressions of a particular society are together regarded as the culture of that society. Ideas, customs and socia...


Dr. Rahul Yadav

This book deals with many unseen aspects of this war. Historical background behind foundation of Rusiia will bw covered. Economic insecurity of Russia due to cl...