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Patrick French

The independence of India was a time of hope and uncertainty in equal measure. It was also a time of accelerated history, when every decision—whether cons...


Pravin Sheth


Tali Sharot

Winner of the British Psychological Society Book Award for Popular Psychology Psychologists have long been aware that most people tend to maintain an irratio...



Discover Venice with this colourful guide published by Bonechi; with pictures and some cultural information this book is the perfect way to travel without leavi...


Ross Kemp

Ross Kemp's fascinating guide of the worst places in the world. Want to know where to discover the perfect sunset in Fiji? How about a tropical paradise ...


Varsha Adusumilli

A rock climber. An artist. A neurosurgeon. An actress. What connects these diverse professions? Young women who’ve chosen unconventional care...


Devapriya Roy & Saurav Jha

Living in a sunny barsati in south Delhi, Saurav Jha and Devapriya Roy are your average DINK couple, about to acquire a few EMIs and come of age in the modern c...


Misha Glenny

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the deregulation of international financial markets in 1989, governments and entrepreneu...


Ranjeev C Dubey

Rookie lawyer Ranjeev C. Dubey slogs his way through the corridors of Delhi’s trial courts and realizes that the legal system is anything but...


Pavan K Varma

In this important book, Pavan Varma, best-selling author of the seminal works The Great Indian Middle Class and Being Indian, looks at the consequences of Empir...

In Circulation

Gordon Stevens

"We've been approached something like 25 times since the war. I kicked each out the window because they weren't going to make it with the integrity...

In Circulation