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Tahira Kashyap , Ayushmann Khurrana

In this funny, wise and outrageously frank book, Tahira Kashyap Khurrana talks of lying in school about getting her periods, falling in love at eighteen with he...



Fiction Travel Memoir Reportage Essays. An anthology of new writing and new writers, and established writers writing in a new genre, First Proof showcases origi...


Alexander Frater

On 20th May the Indian summer monsoon will begin to envelop the country in two great wet arms, one coming from the east, the other from the west. They are untie...


Rabindranath Tagore

Containing an assortment of one hundred and three poems, Gitanjali: Rabindranath Tagore is an English translation of various poems and works of the legendary In...


Bill Bryson

Every time Bill Bryson walks out the door, memorable travel literature threatens to break out. His previous excursion along the Appalachian Trail resulted in...


Penelope Deutscher

'Deconstruction is not neutral. It intervenes' Jacques Derrida An idiosyncratic and highly controversial French philosopher, Jacques Derrida inspired pr...


Umberto Eco

In this collection of essays and addresses delivered over the course of his illustrious career, Umberto Eco seeks "to understand the chemistry of [his] pas...


Marvin Minsky

The Emotion Machine explains how our minds work, how they progress from simple kinds of thought to more complex forms that enable us to reflect on ourselves -- ...


V Ramachandran

‘Phantoms in The Brain’ takes a revolutionary new approach to theories of the brain, from one of the world’s leading experimental neurologists...


T S Satyan

‘There is still much of the boy in Satyan—at eighty-one, he retains the same robust curiosity about the world that he did when he was eight’&m...


Franz Kafka

'He is the greatest German writer of our time. Such poets as Rilke or such novelists as Thomas Mann are dwarfs or plaster saints in comparison to him' V...


Dallas Murphy

For as far back as he can remember, Dallas Murphy has been sea-struck. Since he began to read, "besotted by salt-water dreams and nautical language," ...