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Sudipta Mukherjee , Atman Mehta

Five young writers tell their personal coming-of-age story with honesty and courage. Each account revolves around a turning point in their individual lives and ...


Amitabha Ray

The author pens details of his rare journey along the highs and lows of Afghanistan and life in Kabul during turbulent times.


Manash Ghosh

The Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971, also known as the Muktijudhdho, was a result of the total alienation of the Bengalis of East Pakistan from the non-Bengal...


Dr. Shilpa Aroskar

"It's yet another perfect prescription by the pediatrician author; a right dose of wit and wisdom, hope and humor, in these trying times." -&...


Rabindranath Tagore

Glimpses of Bengal is a delightful and must-read collection of letters written in the 1890s, by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, as he travelled across ...


Amit Ranjan

This book is in pursuit of Alice, whose name rhymes with ‘galluse’. That, however, is another memory, another book, waiting to germinate. John Lang ...


Ademolawa Michael Adedipe

Python Dance is a play about a family that overcame tribal conflicts. Amid constant oppression, love wins. A couple's love is put to the test when the husba...


Evelyn “Lyne” Rogacion

You have been longing for a love that was denied of you in childhood, like so many studies and psychological discussion on a person unable to nurture or sustain...


Abdul Mohammed Ali Jinnah , Henrikus Joko Yulianto

A book that will make your heart race faster, will want you to pack your bags and venture outside this very moment.


Debanjali Nag

Friends could be a part of life but after family. Does it happen for everyone? Just the way every individual is different and are unique, friendships can be ...


Anvita Abbi

The Andaman islands—great Andaman, little Andaman, and North sentinel islands have been home for millennium to four tribes: the great andamanese, Onge, ja...


Ori Z. Soltes

Growing Up Jewish in India an historical account of the primary Jewish communities of India, their synagogues, and unique Indian Jewish customs. It traces how J...