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Sangam Lahiry

WE DO NOT OWN THE EARTH; WE HOLD IT IN TRUST FOR OUR CHILDREN... Long before wildlife conservation became a cause celebre around the world, the unsung men of th...


Vijay N. Shankar

The Old order changeth Yielding Place to new Lest one good custom Should corrupt the world Alfred, Lord Tennyson SHADOW BOXING WITH THE GODS is a tour through m...


Greg C. Bruno

‘Blessings from Beijing, a combination of fine travel writing and great reporting…is essential reading for its digging deep into the strengths and ...


Taru Jindal

‘A doctor Who decides to leave security behind to do a stint in motivate, Bihar, is as rare as she is worthy of readers for this book. It is a scintillati...


Ishmeet Kaur Chaudhry

On 31 October 1984, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards. Over the next three days thousands of Sikh men, women and children wer...


Simon Wolfgang Fuchs

Centering Pakistan—the ‘Land of the Pure’—in a story of transnational Islam stretching from South Asia to the Middle East, Fuchs offers ...


Minnie Vaid

In late 2013, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) launched Mangalyaan—India’s first inter-planetary mission—after just eighteen mont...


Jono Lineen

When jono lineen’s brother died in tragic circumstances, he gave up a comfortable life, moved to the Himalayas and immersed himself in the cultures of the...


S.C. Tyagi

Early in May 1999, when word came from a shepherd searching for his strayed yak that some mysterious men in black clothes were clambering around on the frozen h...


Jerry Pinto , Neela Bhagwat

The Bhakti movement, which began around the 6th century, transformed Indian thought in fundamental ways. It took seed in Maharashtra in the early 13th century i...


Ananya Mukherjee

When she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, writes Ananya Mukherjee, she was ‘stunned and disappointed in myself but quickly found my...


Shanta Gokhle

shanta Gokhale draws upon a variety of sources accounts of chroniclers, residents and conquerors; memoirs, novels, anecdotes and conversational paint an intimat...