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Robert H Schuller

Robert Schuller shares his philosophy of 'Possibility Thinking' and translates it into an action plan for success and shows you how to build a self-imag...

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Trutz Hardo

In this book children from England and the rest of Europe, the U.S.A, Lebanon, South Africa, Israel, India, Brazil, Sri Lanka and Turkey remember their past liv...

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Esther & Jerry Hicks

This book presents the powerful basics of the original Teachings of Abraham. Within these pages, you'll learn how all things, wanted and unwanted are brough...

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'Meditation means going into the unconscious: diving into it, being in it. It is to be chaotic in the chaos. It is to be without form within the formless. I...

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Karishma Bajaj

Today's beacon of Indian spirituality, this man has an avid following across the globe. His kaind words light hope in the hearts of millions. This one-of-ak...

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Jeff Mayo

Here is a book for beginners wanting simple instructions on how to interpret a chart, as well as old hands seeking fresh perspectives. This book takes the reade...

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Shiv Charan Singh

Numerology is perhaps the oldest of the divination arts and at the heart of many religious systems. The Spiritual Science of Numerology provides the real spirit...

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Julia Cameron

The Artist's Way provides a twelve-week course that guides you through the process of recovering your creative self. It aims to dispel the 'I'm not ...

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali

The brutal murder of the Dutch film-maker Theo van Gogh in 2004 shocked the world. Shot and mutilated by a Muslim fanatic as he cycled to work, it was a stark r...

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Mary Rose Occhino

World-renowned psychic medium MaryRose Occhino teams up with her daughter, Jacqueline Sullivan, for this first-of-its-kind guide to pro-vide readers with the se...

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Trina Paulus

A perfect gift to anyone, any age, any religion or none at all. Hope's theme of life, moving through seeming death to a new and more beautiful life, has ...

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T Lobsang Rampa

T. Lobsang Rampa was preordained to be a Tibetan priest, a sign from the stars that could not be ignored. When he left his wealthy home to enter the monastery, ...

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