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Gani Jakupi published his first comic at the age of 13 in a magazine of Kosovo, his homeland. In the early ‘80s, he moved to France and wrote the script for the trilogy Matador (Glénat), illustrated by Hugues Labiano. Due to a lack of chemistry with his publisher, he left comics to work as a journalist and translator, among other professions. In 2005, he created the “Music Collection” (books that mix comics, music criticism, and CDs) for a record label in Barcelona (DiscMedi), personally working on four titles of the collection. A publisher from Dupuis, Louis-Antoine Dujardin, met him at the Barcelona comics festival and convinced him to return to writing comics in France. He wrote and illustrated Les amants de Sylvia, published by Futuropolis and considered to be one of the most complete and precise works about Trotsky’s murder. In 2014 he wrote Retour au Kosovo (Aire Libre-Dupuis), dealing with the first months after the war in Kosovo in 1999, with illustrations by Jorge González. His latest work is El comandante yankee (Dupuis; The Yankee Comandante, Europe Comics), a graphic novel centered on American William Alexander Morgan, and the outsized role he played in the Cuban Revolution.



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