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Prafulla Chaulia

In, India: A Living Hegelian Leviathan, Dr. Prafulla Chaulia invites us to reflect on the relationship between the present condition of India and its fascinatin...


D.S. Pais

A mysterious visitor infiltrates a family's home under the cloak of night, causing disturbance without causing harm or pilfering possessions. In the tranqui...


Devajit Bhuyan

Jako teorie relativity Alberta Einsteina, Heisenberg?v princip neur?itosti a Schrödingerova vlnová rovnice fascinují zvídavé my...


Marty Park

When your business starts to take off, things get wild. It can feel like you are holding a tiger by the tail! This motivating business book is for every entr...


Ann LaBar

Iris Oxtabee has managed to navigate through her near-boring social life by reading everything from neuroscience journals to Wikipedia articles. Science has hel...


Rakesh Goswami , IPS Rajesh Pandey

Shreya Singh, a princess from Rajasthan, has been abducted!  A woman of beauty and substance, she is living a lavish life. But while there are abundant ...


Arun Singh

The desire to reach your full potential will open the doors to personal excellence. A great leader is someone who leads by example, stands with his team, sho...


Sugat Gopnarayan

Deepika and Sugat had just got back from a vacation when they got the best news of their lives. They were going to be parents! The relationship that had started...


Rishabh Shah

True leaders don’t create followers. They create more leaders, and let them shine. That’s one lesson Rishabh Shah learnt after he founded I.I.M.U...