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Ashwini R Sane

When the Gods fail to stop Evil from taking over the world, the Goddess Arises! When the attempt to stop the demon Asur, Tarakth, from becoming all-powerful fai...


Mrinal Chatterjee , Ashwini Kamble

मृणाल चॅटर्जी यांच्या मूळ हिंदी पुस्तकाचा हा अनुवाद आहे. लेख...



There was a mystery built in a road, a love enhanced, and pain that was triggered. Jade Frocklori is a 20-year-old college student who used to walk in St. Joh...


Col. Ashutosh Kale

“Break the chains!” were the cryptic orders of Queen Victoria Empress of India. In December 1867, a force set sail from Bombay, under Lt Gen Sir Rob...


Santosh Singh

  A tale culled from the pages of Medieval India. In Rajsamand district near Udaipur, Kumbhalgarh, the second largest fort in India (the first is Chitto...


Chitra Donge

"Poetry writing is a reflection of the feelings of the human mind. From childhood to this stage of my life, whatever experiences came in my life, I kept pu...


Patrick Smietanka

The year is 2132, Earth is nothing but a distant memory, and the next destination for humanity is out there ready to be explored. Command One’s exploratio...


Ramendra Kumar

India First is an engaging and endearing collection of parables which weaves a rich tapestry of values so very relevant in the present times. A father whose lov...


Maria Judith R. Curay

It is a story about the hardship and love story of Hirang before and after the Japanese occupation in 1942. She was a Filipina mestiza who got a lot of discrimi...


Dr. Shantanu Sharma

A deadly terrorist outfit led by Haji Suleiman threatens world peace. A RAW agent is given the duty to apprehend Haji and bring him to justice. As the story unf...


Tamanna Inamdar

अभेद्य ते भेदताना : आंतरधर्मीय विवाहित जोडप्यांचे अनुभव धर्...


Madhav Jha Kumar

बदलाव इस संसार का नियम है और इस बदलाव से प्रभावित होना हमारा स...