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Saad Quadri

A man sits on a bench by a picturesque river view side waiting to meet someone. Waiting in the hopes that she will come. As he sits there, he is haunted by the ...


Krupasagar Sahoo

A station named liligumma and other rail stories contains one novella and eleven short stories based on the backdrop of Railways.Liligumma is a small but beauti...


Tirtho Banerjee

Modern-day cities burst with social ills that are killing our health and happiness. They are mired in an energy and Environmental crisis. Human values have nose...


Garima Sharma

This composition partially belongs to the genre of romance and partially to that of literary fiction. It is an attempt of storytelling in a way where primary fo...


Alka Singh

What happens when Mani, an innocent 12-year-old lad, is uprooted from a sheltered life through an unfortunate row of accidents? He is sucked into a tornado of u...


Prasant Nayak

Jai, an orphaned teen, is possibly the youngest shooter for hire in the Mumbai underworld. In this netherworld of violence and hopelessness, Jai finds love in t...


Balakrishna Kamath

The day Mr. Godbole retires from the Agency things take a sinister turn. In a strange coincidence, India’s Internal Intelligence Agency and the FBI of the...


R Santosh

The tussle between science and religion: age-old. Religion believes that God created the universe and then humans almost simultaneously. Dipti was about to reve...


A C RAJA , Rajeev Nair

The novel takes its plot from the usually unnoticed cremation ground that is located at the centre of a thickly-populated city of Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. ...


Sharada Vallem

A day in Brahma’s life has 14 Manvantaras + 15 Sandhyas, which is equal to 4.32 billion years. Each Manvantara has 71 Divya-Yugas, which is equal to 306.7...


Jeet Gian

The trio—Amar, Akbar, and Anthony—had no clue whatsoever about their goddammit indecisive-careers-and-indefinite-struggles. And that was because ...


G Ramachandram

This autobiography is a rare story of the courage and the conviction of a person holding a position of power and authority, taking on the high and the mighty, r...