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Joginder Paul

Evocative and crisp, Joginder Paul’s Urdu stories from Dharti ka Kaal are translated into English in land lust. His stories offer poignant glimpses of mul...


Shuma Raha

A rumour that ends in calamity; A girl who is demonised because of her ‘evil’ horoscope; A man who preys upon young girls; A train journey that forc...


Nidhi Bhardwaj

“The rules are simple. Rule number one is friends over everything else. And everything includes your nerdiness, your sleep and anything else you might lov...


Ravindra Shukla

Resonance - We often use the term, ñfrequency matchingî in our daily life to define compatibility. Our frequency does not match, we do not get alon...


Victor Kabagi

This book captures the cultural beliefs and traditions of the African leaders and their apt desire to welcome the western cultures with open arms. Flavell being...


Stuti Mishra

This is my first book. It is set of poems. If you are a poetry lover you must read it. It will take you to ride of different emotion. Inspiring and lively poems...


Arius Lauren Raposas

They say a revolution usually took 365 days, but could it be possible in just eighty? British gentleman Phileas Fogg drove the world crazy with his uncanny wage...


Mehreen Syed

We all know if there is any misunderstood thing on earth, it is ""LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS"". Young people are misunderstanding this beautiful...


Gary S. Kadet

Bob Plumose is a life coach whose own life is out of control. After teaching his clients all day about how to solve their short-term crises, Bob comes home to o...


Holly Hamilton

When Joseph McCallister's best friend, Liam Harris, dies, he is scared and lost. As Joseph falls for Liam's fiance, Emily Jackson, Joseph fears an invis...



Ang kwentong ito ay tungkol sa dalawang tauhan na pinagtagpo nang kanilang mga talento at kaso nga lang ang babae ay isa palang princesa at ganoon din ang lalak...


Adi Pocha

“Behram’s Boat” is a funny, whimsical story of one eccentric, cranky old Parsi's struggle to build a boat that will save his people. An...