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Tamikio L. Dooley

The fictional character, Edwin Peter Erwin, legendary collection of dark poetry retrieved from a large chest in his mansion after his alleged death. Tamikio L. ...



Jay is one handful of a friend, either constantly ‘What cheek man’-ing over something he doesn’t like or offering ‘jaideology’- hi...


Darla da Cruz

Sophia wants to be a normal American girl. She does not want to be haunted by recurring nightmares where a mysterious young man gets pushed off a cliff into a w...


Dr. Sumana Chakraborty

Have you always dreamed of a world where you are respected, valued, and have worth? Now is the time! We need knowledge and identification of self needs and fear...


Sabarna Roy , Kaustav Ray Chaudhury

The book describes the emerging technologies in the field of water, waste water and irrigation. It comprises smart leak detection technologies, seawater Desalin...


Divya Jain

Love v/s Betrayal is a contemporary romantic suspense fiction that centres around the lives of the very beautiful Amyra, Jeff and her childhood friend Rahul. Am...


Durgadas B R

Do you believe in destiny? Can you ever imagine a girl who comes in your dream could come in real? "Ishana" Is a love story in prajwal's life whic...


Biranchi N Acharya

"Every life event is a story. In fact every moment of our life is part of a story being happened. We always ignore those because we think stories have no c...


Mary Paul

Beauty of the dark written by the inspiration of God is highly educative and aims at inculcating the love of reading in our youth. It can also serve for good en...


Swapna Dutta

"Ancient and medieval Indian history is full of stories. Many of the characters are real and the incidents are said to have happened. But there are hardly ...


V. N. Kashyap

Completely transform your life with following small steps with very little effort, only will power and motivation.