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Diwaker Ikshit Srivastava

The Mahabharata is amongst India’s foremost spiritual texts. However, the stories of Mahabharata, are anything but spiritual. Violence, deceit, bloodshed,...


Bhuban Patra

The era is 1200 CE, when the intruders from the west ravaged Bharat; a small kingdom in its eastern part was entering its golden period. The kingdom of Kalinga ...


Yash Sharda

This book is specifically created for children who want to gain some extra knowledge and earning motivation to exist in a competitive world and solve some funny...


लक्ष्मीनारायण गुप्त

भारत की आध्यात्मिक पुस्तकों में गीता का विशेष स्थान है जैसाक...