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Swapnil Pawar

In 2007, a global financial and economic crisis broke out that shook the world. It spun the globe into a common vortex. Whether it was loss of equiry value or r...


Rena Singh Ghai

Budget Busters is devoted to rendering a highly technical subject user-friendly.Its primary goal is to enhance public awareness and understanding of the details...


Wallace D. Wattles

Straightforward and easy to understand, The Science of Getting Rich asserts that all of us -- no matter what our circumstances -- have the ability to obtain eno...

In Circulation

Kalpesh Ashar

Financial Accounting Essentials You Always Wanted To Know: 4th Edition prepares new managers and leaders with the foundation to understand financial accoun...


Vibrant Publishers , Kalpesh Ashar

Cost Accounting and Management Essentials You Always Wanted To Know: 4th Edition is an introduction to cost accounting for engineers and scientists moving ...


M.S. Anand

The financial markets today are ruled by institutional investors. They are the typical investors who today account for more than 70 per cent of public trading o...


Mehul Darooka

With more and more younsters takin a step forward into the world of business, the need for a fundin option becomes very necessary. Startups! Findin Fundin is a ...


Jesper Roine

We all know the book: it’s been hailed as one of the most important documents on how the world economy works, or doesn’t work, and it’s been a...


Duggal Pawandeep

This book discusses the basics of modern finance and various theories related to it, and in this way, helps students in building a strong foundation from where ...


Sumit Dutt Majumder

GST in India has touched the lives of common men too. This book has explained for them the critical issues and concepts of GST in a simple language, often in a ...