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Hastings & Potter

In recent years the world has been rocked by catastrophic business failures. The problem isn’t so much obsolete factories, backward technology, complicate...


Heike Burch & Sumantra Ghoshal

The Surprising Truth About Effective Managers Why do most managers work so hard but accomplish so little? We have blamed everything from a lack of motivation...


David A Vise

The Google Story is the entertaining and definitive account of the most compelling innovation since the creation of the internet. Used in over 100 countries by ...


Jeffrey A Krames

Jack Welch was one of history?s most competitive corporate leaders, and he had a well-defined process for surrounding himself with individuals cut from the same...


Stephen C Lundin john Christensen Harry Paul /Phil

FISH! told the story of a fictional company that transformed itself by applying lessons learned from Seattle's famous Pike Place Fish Market. Now, with FISH...



"Fujio Mitarai is one of the ablest, most clear–sighted corporate chieftains in the global economy today. Whether cutting unprofitable businesses, pursui...


Christine Arena

In The High–Purpose Company, corporate strategist and researcher Christine Arena shows that some extraordinary companies are driven by purpose, wherea...


John U Bacon

Who would have thought the story of a drugstore chain could encompass so much vital and fascinating American history? With superb storytelling skills, John Baco...


Subroto Bagchi

Difficult though setting up a business is, becoming a high-performance entrepreneur is harder still. And yet of the many thousands who try, there are those who ...


Michael Bergdahi

What I Learned from Sam Walton unlocks the secrets to Wal-Mart's success and provides answers to these and many other questions. As a former Wal-Mart employee, ...


Zbigniew Brzezinski

When it comes to what might be called the 'philosophy' of foreign policy-the relationship of U.S. power and policy to broader historical and cultural trends-no ...


Brian Tracy and Campbell Fraser

Those who have been lucky enough to have Brian Tracy as their personal coach have transformed their lives and careers, increased their incomes, and dramatically...