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Mohanlal Bhaskar

Khushwant Singh wrote in the preface to the hardbound edition published in 1990 of this true account of Mohanlal Bhaskar’s mission to find out about Pakis...

In Circulation

Stuart Blackburn

As the British Raj begins its expansion towards Tibet, the remote Apatani valley on the Indo-Tibetan border becomes a flashpoint. George Taylor, an up-and-comin...


Mohammed Omer

SUMMARY ‘[Omer] produced eyewitness dispatches of such clarity and brilliance that, almost single-handed, he reclaimed the honour of real journalism.&r...


Laxmi Murthy , Mitu Varma

Militarisation and violence as a response to conflict are now part of the global social order. In this book, twelve journalists explore the impact of such milit...


Arjun Chandrasekhar

1857 revisits one of the greatest events in Indian struggle for Independence, The First War of Independence. A divine intervention channels the souls of three e...


Vikas Trivedi , Smita Agarwal

Following the deadly Pulwama attack, Clinton Joseph of the NIA is assigned a secret job of catching the masterminds. Joseph’s investigation leads him to v...


Yvonne Vaz Ezdani

During the Second World War, many of the Indians settled in Burma were killed following the bombing of Rangoon by the Japanese Air Force. Thousands more were fo...


Manash Ghosh

The Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971, also known as the Muktijudhdho, was a result of the total alienation of the Bengalis of East Pakistan from the non-Bengal...


Amy E. Eckert

Recent decades have seen an increasing reliance on private military contractors (PMCs) to provide logistical services, training, maintenance, and combat troops....


Dr. Rahul Yadav

This book deals with many unseen aspects of this war. Historical background behind foundation of Rusiia will bw covered. Economic insecurity of Russia due to cl...