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Sheena Bassi

"Desire..., holds the secret to change your destiny." "Ryma's desire to save her son enforces her to agree for a deal. Unknowingly, her yes t...


S. S. Kumar

A Hindu king flees the Moghul army and takes refuge in Netidhopani, in Sundar-ban. His son escapes with a Roma Gypsy. The royal riches are buried in the desolat...


Shubham Pandey

But why do you want to be a bad ghost ' 'I am not a ghost, I am the Tarehonuck King!' Arthur McKutcher and his best friend, Tom Metagom, are two hap...


Nishant Shailajan

Varchasva - signifying absolute dominance - is the first in the Trilogy of The Mythos of Jaladhi. It is a tale of grit, determination and valour of five princes...


Stephen Bowkett

A group of chidren embark on an adventure in Dreamcastle, but someone is using subliminal mental stimuli to cause lasting mental damage- can they find out who?