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Mary Buffett , David Clark

In this volume, the authors offer an explanation of Warren Buffett's successful investment strategy of Business Perspective Investing, including a list of 5...




Michael Wood

In The Story of India, Michael Wood weaves a spellbinding narrative out of the 10,000-year history of the subcontinent. Home today to more than a fifth of ...



These traditional tales include "Thumbelina", "Hansel and Gretel", "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", "The Ugly Duckling"...

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Lee Janogly

Do all your dieting attempts end in failure? Do you ever intend to eat one biscuit but actually polish off the packet? Does your weight vary enormously dependin...


Dutt Bahar

What is more important, building a modern airport in rural Uttar Pradesh or conserving the shrinking habitat of the sarus cranes? Producing more palm oil or pro...


Ruzbeh N Bharucha

As the magnetism Ruzbeh N Bharucha's The Fakir Trilogy continues to draw passionate testimonies from readers across the globe, expressing gratitude and ackn...

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Yossef Bodansky

Who is Osama bin Laden—the only terrorist leader ever to have declared a holy war against America? What drives him and those he leads to hate a West that ...


P.G. Wodehouse

Ashe Marson and his fellow lodger Joan Valentine discover that they both work as writers for the Mammoth Publishing Company. Joan urges Ashe to overcome his dis...


Debbie Macomber

By Debbie Macomber Including: A Ceder Cove Christmas Mother-to-be Mary Jo Wyse arrives in Cedar Cove on Christmas Eve, pregnant and alone. However, the pe...


Jessica Brody

'My mission has been clear from day one. Uncover the truth. Give women a chance to move on with their lives. But not everyone sees this job as a worthy caus...