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James Allen

Be Your Own Sunshine is a collection of four works by James Allen that sum up the hows, whys and whats of taming the mind and its infinite energies, of channeli...

In Circulation

Alisha Sharma

What’s the one thing that nobody can be ready for? No, not death. But you’re close. It’s marriage! We all start off our lives with the bel...


Subhrashis Adhikari

Humans ascended to the top of the food chain through their uncanny ability to weave stories. Some stories are hardwired in our brains, while some we c...


Ruskin Bond

• What is the first rule of love, and what the last? • How can love or friendship be good if it must end? • Is a book as good a companion as a ...


Alison Singh Gee

‘Like Eat, Pray, Love but with more heart dazzlingly romantic and yet still very real; a unique and uplifting read that’s as much about traveling to...


Jagannath Patil

The Volume ‘ Children Without Parental Care: protection, safeguards and Best Practices is an effort to highlight best practices for children without paren...


Ritu Lalit

FROM SON TO STRANGER is for parents who are estranged from their children for whatever reason and there is little or no hope for reconciliation. Parents often t...


Rajasekar KS

In a world where the husband-wife relationship is good fodder for stand-up comedy, this easy-to-read book offers fresh insight into the inner workings of a &ldq...


Purva Grover

Among the many things I don’t understand, most are feminine. This work is a written extension of the babble we’re fed and that we feed of. It is not...

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Sujata Parashar

What are the challenges and advantages of single parenting? How does single parenting affect the child and the parent? What are some of the positive and e...


Hara Prasanna Das

In today’s fast-paced life, losing sight of our goals, of our purpose of existence and most importantly, of who we really are is but natural. This lack of...


Samantha Gail B. Lucas

Breaking Up Forward is a collection of essays on focusing on myself after ending a relationship. I share the systems that worked for me to push myself out of a ...