How to Stay Happily Married

Alisha Sharma



What’s the one thing that nobody can be ready for?
No, not death. But you’re close. It’s marriage!

We all start off our lives with the belief that marriages are made in heaven. But it doesn’t take long for us to start thinking – maybe it was a trap by the devil.
In a marriage, along with abundant love and a partner for a lifetime, come some hiccups – in-laws, power equations, kids, burdens and responsibilities. Anything can become a big issue if not handled wisely, in good time.

HOW TO STAY HAPPILY MARRIED is a practical guide to silly marital problems, with solutions to help you through.

Language English
No of pages 70
Book Publisher Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Published Date 10 Apr 2020

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Author : Alisha Sharma


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