Donate a Book

Smell from a new book adores some people,
Dust of the old books does good to whom?
  • Once you have put in a request to donate a book, we will get in touch with you and schedule the pickup of books.

  • Once the books are received, we will segregate the books in three categories namely:

    1. Reusable

    2. Donateable

    3. Recyclable

  • For every book that is "reusable" you will earn 2 reward points and for every "donate able" book you will earn 1 reward point. Each reward point earned will be credited to your librarywala membership account.

  • The reward points will be redeemed automatically giving you certain discounts in your next renewal or when you register as a member. (please note that email id should be the same that you used to donate books)

  • The reusable books will be uploaded on for members to read.

  • The donatable books will be further given to our NGO partners. They will put the books to appropriate use.

Everyone is concerned about our planet's dwindling resources, and the easiest first step we can all take is conservation. Eco-Libris reports, "About 20 million trees are cut down annually for virgin paper to be used for the production of books sold in the US alone." It's frightening to think of the number of trees used for book publishing world-wide. encourages book rental, rather than purchasing new books, in part because it helps reduce that staggering figure. book donation drive: We have started this initiative keeping two motives in mind:

  1. Redistribution of donated books - We will circulate the books to our members that you donate thereby using the same book more than one time and putting the books to optimum use. We at encourage book rentals, rather than purchasing new books, in part because it helps to reduce paper consumption in turn helping conservation of trees.

  2. Education of underprivileged children – There might be several books with you in your collection that you might not have touched after reading; every year there might be certain educational books of your children that might no longer be of use to you.

There's a literacy crisis in India and around the world. And it affects everybody. Here's why:

The Impact on Our Children, Families and Communities:

  • 71% of low- income families have no books in their homes.

  • 33% of adults with the lowest level of literacy proficiency live in poverty.

  • Only 12% of adults with strong literacy skills live in poverty.

  • Children have increased interest in reading when given books at tender age.

  • Children with a greater range of reading material in their houses are more resourceful, imaginative and capable in reading. They are also on a better path towards educational growth and development. The majority of children in low-income houses lack access to libraries and book stores. Having access to books is their key to literacy, by donating your books you can make an impact on lives of several children who don't have books at their homes.

What to do :

  • Go through your book shelves and pull out the books that you will never read again or have owned for more than two years and haven't read yet.

  • Pack the books in a box and fill the form on our site or call us

For a minute Imagine if you couldn't read

Well, let's share an incident with you......

This is the story behind why librarywala started book donation drive.

It was just a normal day, a day as usual as ever, a day of chaos, a day as ever in a city called Mumbai. Bookiee (librarywala delivery boy) too kept himself busy with his work.

Whether it a member's book to be delivered or it's with reaching on time, bookiee knows everything as he glides through each chore as skating smoothly on a slice of butter.

There he goes, only to return back with sweat on his forehead but smile on his face. He will replicate the same behavior as thought of but no.... What? He came back a bit sad, a bit frowny and a lot of something hidden behind his face... Though everyone kept wondering what it might be...? But no one actually dared it hard to ask him for the only fear that he might burst into tears. Bitter and loud tears. No one wanted to see him like that. But someone has to dare to ask him about his sadness......

Finally, l challenged the gut out of me and forced myself to ask him, "What happened? Why are you so worried? What has been bothering you? Please tell me.” It was... Bookiee was on his way to deliver books to members. His smile turned into a frown when something stuck his attention at a slum near a traffic signal. A small boy in his early ages was weeping badly without any care or attention for his running nose and dirt and filth which had become permanent members on his slender and mal-nutritional body. Bookiee stopped by as he got carried away by the boy's tears.

He disappeared in the air and within seconds came back to the same place. He went near the weeping boy and popped a lollipop from nowhere. The boy gave a glance and continued pouring tears. Puzzled at the situation, Bookie gave him cookie; to his shock he denied smiling at that too. By now he was surrounded with confusion and surprise at the same moment. Without giving a second thought, he pulled a book from his bag and placed it near the boy. It completely slipped out of his mind that this book was to be delivered to a member but he had already left everything far behind.

After a couple of moments, when the boy finally stopped crying, he thought it's the time for the book to reach its destination. Now, the boy denied giving it back by pooling over tears again from his eyes. Bookies left the book with the boy but took the smile along with him. Though the story ends here but the mighty trial won't. That's when we thought that there are Lots of smiles to be delivered still, lots of happiness to be scattered...... lf this story touched you even for a fraction of second, if it gave you goose bumps even for a fraction of second and if it brought tears to your eyes.... our purpose is solved.

For a minute imagine if you couldn't read

Parikrma Humanity Foundation is a non-profit organization that is transforming education for underserved children in urban India, so that they can have equal access to the best opportunities. Parikrma manages the entire education cycle from kindergarten to college for each child. Parikrma runs four top-class English medium schools and a junior college in Bangalore. The book donation drive is well aligned with the Parikrma focus on high quality education.

Address :
Parikrma Humanity Foundation 1846, 3rd Main, Block 'C', Sahakaranagar, Bangalore 560 092, India. Tel: 91-80-2363 5222 / 5782

Naandi, which in Sanskrit means a new beginning; is one of the largest & fastest growing social sector organizations in India working to make poverty history. Founded in 1998 our work has 3 broad sectors: Child Rights, Safe Drinking Water & Sustainable Livelihoods. Particularly, in child rights Naandi believes that the children are the most vulnerable and strives at working towards the development of this target population. There are different projects for the children that run: ECL(Ensuring children learn) Naandi believes that every girl or boy enrolled in a government school should, by the end of every academic year, have grade specific competencies in language, mathematics and science across curriculums. The lack of learning at school doesn't become a reason for poor parents who cannot afford private school education to take their children off government schools.

Naandi runs remedial classes in the government school premises where the children come in during their off school hours. Through the non conventional method of curriculum and teaching learning not only is fun for the children but, also increases their interest in education making them grade specific.

Address :
Naandi Foundation: A Not-for-profit Regd. Trust 202 Matru Smriti, Near Swami Narayan Temple, Dadar (E), Mumbai, India Tel ; 91-22-2414 6601 / 91-99605 71660

Nanhikali - This programme, Naandi in partnership with the K C Mahindra Education Trust helps in creating special sops & opportunities for girl children to enroll and complete 10 years of formal schooling with the guarantee that all of them will have demonstrable grade specific competencies in math, science and language. The programme emphasizes on supporting girl children with a range of social, academic and materials support that enable and empower her to continue schooling by minimizing social or economic constraints.

Address :
Naandi Foundation: A Not-for-profit Regd. Trust 202 Matru Smriti, Near Swami Narayan Temple, Dadar (E), Mumbai, India Tel ; 91-22-2414 6601 / 91-99605 71660

To create awareness among various sections of society especially poor and down trodden communities with respect of Promoting Education, Equality among all castes and rooting out evil & orthodox practices in the society. To run various campaigns for the same and reach people in slums and create awareness among them as well aware human beings.

Address :
Maharashtra Telugu Manch (MTM) C/o. GBC, C-4, Country Park, Datta Pada Road, Opp. Tata Steel, W.E. Highway, Borivali (East), Mumbai - 400066. Tel: 91-22-254 9390.

"When one teaches two learn" is the underlying principle of the Each One Teach One Programme. An older student teaches a young student. The younger student benefit from the experience & training imparted by the older student & is appreciative of the individual attention. The older student feels confident, responsible & is empowered to be a good citizen. This simple yet effective philosophy generates interest & enthusiasm in the student & the teacher, making it a Win-Win situation for both.

Address :
Each One Teach One (EOTO) 7/274 Vrindavan Building, Ground Floor, Sion East Road, Mumbai -400022 Tel: 91-22-2410 20 / 2410 22

Make A Difference (MAD) is a non-profit youth volunteer network comprising of college students and working professionals teaching English and computers to children between Standard 5-8 in orphanages and street shelters across 10 cities in India. Our mission at MAD is “To bridge the inequality in society through education” by providing high quality education at no cost to the ones who need it the most. MAD follows a well-structured syllabus in all cities, specifically designed by The Cambridge University who are our education partners.

Address :
202, Kamleshwar - B Wing, near Podar School, Tagore Road, Santacruz (W), Mumbai - 400 054