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Sulabh Jain

History has an unsettling effect on religion. Like science, history is fundamentally northing more than a range of theories based on objective evidence. Mytholo...


Frances Levett

Many visitors to St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Melton Mowbray, have remarked on the beauty of the small church and the atmosphere of peace which pervade...



The Division of Heaven and Earth is one of the most influential and important books from Tibet in the modern era—a passionate indictment of Chinese polici...


Benedict Paramanand

Everyone knows the power a world-class affordable rural education infrastructure can have in transforming India. It will not only improve knowledge capital but ...


Bhaskar Hande

The annual Palki from Alandi and Dehu to Pandharpur remains one of the most popular annual rituals performed by the Varkari samaj of Maharashtra. Apart from rel...


Arunava Bose

Have you ever thought why we offer a specific kind of flower to specific Hindu gods? Has your curious mind ever tried to interpret the posture of the Hindu Gods...


Paramhansa Yogananda

"Bringing the Best of Paramhansa Yogananda together. This combo contains ,""Autobiography of a Yogi & Scientific Healing Affirmations"&q...


Belo Alvaran

Why are there privileged people, mostly whites? God's Covenant provides for it: - "Blessed shall you be in the city, and blessed shall you be in the fi...



Hinduism is neither an organized religion nor a proselytising one. It is often described as a way of life, which gently nudges its followers—through its s...


Ron E. Hassner

How does religion shape the modern battlefield? Ron E. Hassner proposes that religion acts as a force multiplier, both enabling and constraining military operat...