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Paul Murry

The circus is in town and detective Mickey and akerbatty" Goofy are up to their elbows in lions, tigers, and scares! A mysterious old lady is followin...


Al Taliaferro , Ted Osborne

The 1930s were the heyday of Disney’s second-ever newspaper comics feature: the full-color weekly Silly Symphonies! Fantagraphics’ latest volum...


Skottie Young , Humberto Ramos

Collects Strange Academy #1-12. The Marvel Universe's first school for sorcerers throws open its doors! Doctor Strange has finally established an academy...


Romano Scarpa

When Mickey’s town is hit by a blizzard of strange glowing snow, everyone thinks it’s a publicity stunt. But genius Dr. Einmug knows better: Pegleg ...


Jean-Baptiste Monge , Pascal Moguerou

Dragons. They reign above the eternal snows or in the depths of the abyss... They are marvelous, magical, malicious creatures... But where do these winged crea-...


Freddy Milton , Daan Jippes

Watchful uncle Donald Duck doesn’t want Huey, Dewey, and Louie taking on a daring Junior Woodchuck mission at 20 degrees below zero. But Donald’s &l...


Rhona Cleary , Eduardo Jauregui

A collection of comics stories built around the magical locations of animated feature films from Disney and Pixar. Visit castles, oceans, jungles, circuses, cit...


Bobbi J. G. Weiss

It’s not a reboot… it’s a comeback! Chip ’n Dale Rescue Rangers, TaleSpin, Darkwing Duck, DuckTales, and Adven...


Carl Barks

Through a series of trade-ups, the nephews turn Donald’s old pencil stub into — a steamship ticket to India! Off they go, and Donald is soon declare...


Declan Shalvey , Ann Nocenti

Something stirs beneath Hell's Kitchen! For months, the bloodthirsty and demonic Demagoblin has been kidnapping children for reasons unknown. Now, Daredevil...


Dan Slott

Collects Edge Of Spider-Verse (2022) #1-5. The end of the Spider-Verse is coming! The original saga brought you Spider-Gwen, Peni Parker and more instantly i...


Luciano Bottaro

When Scrooge rockets his money to the moon to save it from the greedy Beagle Boys, Donald Duck accidentally stows away and gets stranded on an asteroid! With Re...