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Books! The mere word has its own charm. So, when that coffee mug seems too monotonous, that pile of files looks stale and the clock strikes nothing but boredom, take a peek in the world of books. Be wherever you wish to be, for a little while and we assure you the break is going to be absolutely worth it. Books tell stories, they grow your wings and sometimes they even listen to your thoughts. They do!

So, dive in this million-dollar experience for whatever reason that suits your logic - a better vocab, for good conversational skill, to enhance your knowledge or to just take a break from the ritual routine. All we wish to extend is The Joy of Reading. No harms picking a good habit.!

We offer our members the benefits of Convenience, Collection, Choice & Cost.

Convenience – Doorstep delivery and pick up services
Collection – Over one Lac books to choose from
Choice - Books available in more than five languages
Cost – Pocket friendly plans

Our collection of books is well distributed among the following categories which are further divided into sub-categories for easy access of members:

Business & Management Non- fiction Biography Gujarati
Fiction Films History & Current Affairs Tamil
Self-help Children Religion Kannada
Health Sports Marathi Hindi

In 2009 a company wanted us to set up a library at their premises and that’s how we ventured into corporate library solutions; over the years we have innovated in the way these solutions are now offered. We can help you set up a library at your premises with the books being rotated on monthly basis and also give you options where you can provide library services to all your employees without opening a library at your premises by directly connecting them on our website with a customized corporate subscription.

For our corporate clients the benefits extend many folds with the added advantages for the company and the employees:

Value Preposition

No library at your premises Existing Library at your premises
- Use the space for other office purposes
- Save on maintenance of books
- Save on resource costs
- Save on recurring investment on books
- Save on recurring investment on books
- Monthly new stocks updated via rotation of books
- No worries of dead stocks
- From classics to new releases made available


- Direct access to our complete collection of books
- Read on your profession and keep yourself updates with world trends
- Learn sub-consciously while you read
- One stop shop for all your knowledge and research needs

Our Corporate Solutions: Every person is different and so is every company and their requirements, from a company who has 50 employees to a company that have more than 40000 employees, We customize solutions for our corporate clients and serve more than 100+ corporate clients.

Our corporate solutions include:

Library Plan: fund your library with our books and we replenish the complete collection every month
Pay as you use: the company pays only for the number of books used by their employees
Pay per active user: the company pay only for the active users
Monthly fixed disbursement: The company pays a fixed amount per month

All of our plan are open-ended and we invoice you only the one that sum’s up to the lowest.

Some Important points to remember: There is no minimum billing Out of the 3 plans, only the one that amounts to the lowest will be invoiced

We cannot bill you beyond the amount mentioned in the fixed disbursement plan for a month for that number of registrations
We will send you teasers on a monthly basis so as to create inculcate, motivate and cultivate the habit of reading
You can register all your employees rather than taking memberships for an only certain number of employees
No license-based system where you need to pay in advance and then if the same is underutilized, you lose on the money paid
No need for physical space for a library and no resource requirement to maintain a register
No recurring investment in books

Beyond Books - Training sessions, Events & Activities

We bring a host of trainers from different fields and industries to your premises, from an X-CEO with more than 25 years of experience to a Young CEO of a start-up, from authors who have written only 1 book to authors who have penned down more than 9 best sellers. Excel training, Motivational talks, innovation masterclass to Communication excellence - we get the best to train you and your peers. also conducts several events/activities for team building, stress busting and out of the box thinking, we conduct events like Scribble, The Art Therapy Sessions and other to go a step further than books. In the last 3 years, we have conducted more than 12 Art Therapy sessions with more than 600 participants and 9 scribble events receiving over 540 entries.

We have already done the following events and sessions at several of our corporate client's premises:


Know your peers
The Art Therapy
Book Quiz
Author Chat Events

Training sessions:

Excel training
Innovation Master class
Sales Communication
Service Excellence
Strategic Leadership
Customer-Centric Innovation
Motivational Sessions

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Key Achievements:

- Over 35000 retail members.
- Over 1.5 Lac corporate users using our services.
- has won the Star Entrepreneur award 2009 by Indira international innovation summit.
- has won the Finalist award among the top 30 finalists in the Tata & Nen startup awards (chosen from a total of 600 companies started in India)
- has made it to the Limca book of records 2010 for being the First and the biggest online library in India.
- has been nominated for India 5000 best MSME award for quality excellence 2017.

Why Read:

Reading will help you and your peers in several ways, some of the most prominent benefits that I would like to highlight are that it helps you Destress and it helps you Evolve. You DESTRESS when you live somebody else's life, the characters become the figments of your imagination, your own creation - you live their life, solve their problems and relate to them at a subconscious level and you destress as you take a break from your own life.

Things form a happy place in our minds and that's how we remember all the fun we've had over the years and the same goes for books, so when you read something that you like, you remember it and your mind will recall it when you have an opportunity to implement the same at your work or at home - Reading on your profession helps you sharpen your axe and also improves your performance at work - and hence you EVOLVE

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