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Richard A Clarke

When Richard Clarke's AGAINST ALL ENEMIES vaulted in to the public arena, an instant Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller and media sensation, it changed ...


Graham Allison

In this urgent call to action, Graham Allison, one of America's leading experts on nuclear weapons and national security, presents the evidence for two provocat...


Jon Lee Anderson

Prior to gaining international renown for his definitive biography of Che Guevara and his firsthand reports on the war in Iraq in the acclaimed THE FALL OF BAGH...


Max Arthur

From the bestselling author of FORGOTTEN VOICES OF THE GREAT WAR, comes an unforgettable collection of vivid eyewitness accounts of life in the Royal Navy Accla...


Daniel Barenblatt

From 1932 to 1945, in a headlong quest to develop germ warfare capability for the military of Imperial Japan, hundreds of Japanese doctors, nurses and research ...


Matthew Currier Burden

In The Blog of War Matthew Currier Burden presents selections from some of the best of the military blogs, the purest account of the many voices of this war. Th...


Andrew Carroll

Following the phenomenal success of his third "New York Times" bestseller, "War Letters," Andrew Carroll outdoes even himself with this unprecedented collection...


Glenn Cheney

An account of the effects of U.S. nuclear bomb testing, this book tells the story of the military members, workers, and local inhabitants who contracted fatal d...


Richard Z Chesnoff

It was the largest organised robbery in history - the systematic looting of Europe's Jews by the Nazis and most of the nations of Europe: Axis, Allied and Neutr...


Tracy Dahlby

One night in 2000, veteran journalist Tracy Dahlby blundered on board an Indonesian passenger ship carrying six hundred Islamic warriors on an anti-Christian ho...


Michael Isikoff & David Corn

Filled with new revelations, Hubris is a gripping narrative of intrigue that connects the dots between George W. Bush’s expletive-laden outbursts at Sadd...


James F Dunnigan

Tracing the history of special operations commandos, from ancient times to the present day, the author of The Next War Zone offers a provocative look at the way...