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Ravish Kumar

‘The National Project for Instilling Fear in the people has reached completion. Before the promised highways and jobs, everybody has been unfailingly give...

In Circulation

Simon Wolfgang Fuchs

Centering Pakistan—the ‘Land of the Pure’—in a story of transnational Islam stretching from South Asia to the Middle East, Fuchs offers ...


Nandita Haksar , Sebastian Hongray

This first-of-its-kind book tells the story of the Naga national movement from the inside. Based on extensive interviews of the Naga nationalists, conducted in ...


Dr. Uday Mehta

Since the beginning of the century experiments of oppression of minorities' specifically Muslim minorities has rampantly increased along with loud slogans o...


Benjamin Kingsbury

‘Elegantly written, deeply moving, humane, angry without being polemical. One of the most compelling historical reconstructions of a climatic disaster tha...


Stuart Blackburn

As the British Raj begins its expansion towards Tibet, the remote Apatani valley on the Indo-Tibetan border becomes a flashpoint. George Taylor, an up-and-comin...


Gagan Deep Chauhan

मेरी कलम चाँदी की हो गई है, हकूमत के तख्त पर सजे गाव तकियों क�...

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Christopher Snedden

SUMMARY In 1846, the British created the state of Jammu and Kashmir and then quickly sold this prized region to the powerful Raja Gulab Singh. Intriguingly, ...


Ashok Vajpeyi

Throughout Indian history, various individuals and groups have questioned, censured and debated authority—be it the state or empire, religious or politica...


Rajendra P. Gupta

In this timely and comprehensive book, a professional with rare experience in policy making reminds us that merely casting our votes is never sufficient, we mus...



The chessboard of Sino-Indian relations, fraught with emotion, diplomatic strategy, military stand-offs and global ambitions, will perhaps be the most keenly wa...


Seema Mustafa

The first comprehensive book on one of the most important civil rights movements in the history of Independent India. On 15 December 2019, police in riot gea...