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Pratik Shah

In a midnight operation by armed men, thousands of pilgrims are taken hostage at Vaishno Devi, a popular Himalayan destination in one of the most volatile regio...

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Pratik Shah

A heinous attack has been perpetrated on the Prime Minister of India. The assailant has disappeared after executing a flawless operation, leaving shock waves, t...

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Vikrant Khanna

How many of us complain about our country and believe nothing will ever change? How many of us crib about the dirt in this country but still litter openly? How ...

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Anurag Tripathi

A group of young Indian business school graduates are attracted to jobs in a high paying trading company. This batch of hardworking, intelligent and ambitious f...

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Debaprasad Mukherjee

So you don't like mysteries! Isn't it?' Fotu-Babu was outrageous all of a sudden. 'Then listen to it straightway you son-of-a-bitch. You are not...

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Following Sterling's spectacularly successful launch of its children's classic novels (240,000 books in print to date), comes a dazzling new series: Cla...

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Vibhor Tikiya

Dharam is a dream institution for its founders and employees alike, who give it their sweat and blood. In time, it prospers owing to the fine acumen of its owne...

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Makarand Lohire

Can a poor boy dream of a life with his love? Does the lure of money drive one to betray one's own? Here Sat a Key Maker... is the story of Javed, Shashank,...

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Tamikio Dooley

Kenyan is a werewolf. He woke in a darkened, mysterious woodland one midnight in November, and discovers an ancient husband and young boy seek to encounter his ...

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Rimsha Hasan

You're seven and you must pick which parent you want to stay with. You're an adolescent contemplating to be or not to be while a holding a knife to your...

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Mantha Pavan

"Only God has the power to take life. I am doing that duty. I am God!" “I think we are dealing with a serial killer,” the ASP declared....

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Lakshman Koundinya

"Arun, a popular crime fiction writer from India, still grieving his dead wife, visits his estranged daughter Tara in Adelaide, South Australia. His conund...

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