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Russ McKendrick

Docker has been a game changer when it comes to how modern applications are deployed and created. It has now grown into a key driver of innovation beyond system...


Corey Wade

XGBoost is an industry-proven, open-source software library that provides a gradient boosting framework for scaling billions of data points quickly and efficien...


Jonathan Helmus

Cloud security has always been treated as the highest priority by AWS while designing a robust cloud infrastructure. AWS has now extended its support to allow u...


Sjoukje Zaal , Amit Malik , Sander Rossel

Whether you are trying to re-architect a legacy app or build a cloud-ready app from scratch, using the Azure ecosystem with .NET and Java technologies helps you...


Mark Dunkerley , Matt Tumbarello

Are you looking for effective ways to protect Windows-based systems from being compromised by unauthorized users? Mastering Windows Security and Hardening is...