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Dr. Pawan Singh

This book is about the thorough understanding of the essentials and the way to write the quality research papers. It explores the techniques and standard senten...


Linkan Sagar , Nisha Gupta

Book is short, lively and based on practical platforms. Everything has been given step by step by using real-world and imagined examples. It takes the reader th...


Linkan Sagar

This book is short, lively and based on real platform. Using real-world and imagined examples, it takes the reader through content designing process explaining ...


Chitra Lele

Artificial Intelligence Meets Augmented Reality: Redefining Regular Reality is a unique book as it presents the new technology paradigm of artificial intel...


Anil Singh

This book provide all the important aspects required for angular developers looking for brief and useful content for frequently asked Angular Interview question...


Dr. Prabhat Kumar

Our World of personal life and work is set to change dramatically over the next decade as Artificial Intelligence (AI) strikes deeper roots with new products an...


Dr. Anand Nayyar

The book “handbook of cloud computing” provides the latest and in-depth information of this relatively new and another platform for scientific compu...