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Srinivas Mahankali

Insightful & Conceptual coverage of Internet & Blockchain evolution, Bitcoin, Ethereal, Hyper-ledger, R3 Cora, Auxledger, GDPR, Cybersecurity, Consensus...


Vibrant Publishers

The core of every company is its people, and Human Resources Management (HRM) is the key to handling all the complexities of human relations, compensation, conf...


Raji Ramakrishnan Nair , Divya Joseph

The book gives full understanding of theoretical topic and easy implementation in programming. The book is going to help students in self-learning of data struc...


Saineshwar Bageri

This book is meant for developers, architects, solution providers, consultants and engineers, primarily the book requires knowledge of C#, but it can also be un...


Ankit Srivastava

Before you invest your time in this book, you should find the answers to the following questions; How can this book help you get a job? Why not study online?...


Meenu Kohli

The book is written assuming that the reader has basic knowledge of Python programming. A brief introduction is provided for all relevant topics. Every topic is...


Vishwanathan Narayanan

The book “Data science with Machine learning- Python interview questions” is a true companion of people aspiring for data science and machine learni...


Dr. Mukesh Negi

Book teaches the essentials of DBMS to anyone who wants to become an effective and independent DBMS master. It covers all the DBMS fundamentals without forgetti...


Dr. Pawan Singh

This book is about the thorough understanding of the essentials and the way to write the quality research papers. It explores the techniques and standard senten...


Linkan Sagar , Nisha Gupta

Book is short, lively and based on practical platforms. Everything has been given step by step by using real-world and imagined examples. It takes the reader th...


Linkan Sagar

This book is short, lively and based on real platform. Using real-world and imagined examples, it takes the reader through content designing process explaining ...


Chitra Lele

Artificial Intelligence Meets Augmented Reality: Redefining Regular Reality is a unique book as it presents the new technology paradigm of artificial intel...