Tinkle Double Digest No.189

Rajani , Thindiath



What’s Special?
• Shikari Shambu escorts an equally cowardly visitor through the jungle. With two scaredy-cats around, a day in the forest turns out to be more adventurous than usual.

• The Dumbbells try out for jobs in a circus. But with their clumsiness will they ever be able to do any acrobatics?

• ZimZim the Demon and Gotala the Magician face off when Gotala kidnaps ZimZim. Luckily for the little demon, he has another little friend to help him out.

• Kalia the Crow is visiting the Himalayas to deliver a wedding invitation. Also lurking in the mountains is a menacing snow leopard…

Language English
No of pages 179
Book Publisher Amar Chitra Katha
Published Date 01 Mar 2019

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Author : Rajani


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