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Bijal Vachharajani

Amni wakes up one morning to find the sky taken over by a huge brown cloud. Where did this cloud appear from suddenly? Even as she and her friends Mithil, Tammy...


Usha K R

A powerful, evocative story of love, ambition, the old city of Bangalore and the new city of Bengali.thippy, the beautiful ‘girl from the Outhouse’....


Vibrant Publishers

For many undergraduate students heading to graduate school, the GRE is one of the many steps they will have to go through during their academic careers, aside f...


Bulbul Sharma

Murder in Shimla When, at the height of World War II, an uninvited guest arrives at a dinner party at Chartsville Hall, the Assistant Deputy Commissioner&r...


Ishmeet Kaur Chaudhry

On 31 October 1984, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards. Over the next three days thousands of Sikh men, women and children wer...


Priya Kumar

Sammy is an 80 year old billionaire, who finds himself at the peak of his success built on a mountain of sacrifices. He decides to participate in a life he miss...


Shamsher Chandel

Two individuals, with different line of thoughts gave birth to opposing ideologies, and then a conflict. Somewhere in August 2014, as Father John Remmi and Sita...


Debaprasad Mukherjee

So you don't like mysteries! Isn't it?' Fotu-Babu was outrageous all of a sudden. 'Then listen to it straightway you son-of-a-bitch. You are not...


Sheena Bassi

"Desire..., holds the secret to change your destiny." "Ryma's desire to save her son enforces her to agree for a deal. Unknowingly, her yes t...


Prity Subramanyam

That night, nobody was listening... That night, she was going to stare death in its eyes... That night, honour was going to be defied... That night, rituals wer...


Nehali Lalwani , Neelam Saxena Chandra

"Women are pillars to the development of any society. A nation cannot develop unless and until the women of the country get educated, skilled and progresse...


Mayank Sharma

Mirage: 'Nature's way of treating you with your need or desire'. Rajeev have an accident while he was on his way to celebrate his first marriage ...