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Gayatri Chandrasekharan

James Rutherford is expecting this Bangalore trip to be much like any other. Fly in, get the work done and rush back home, to England. What he certainly didn...


Vidyasagar Patangankar

वारकरी संप्रदायाने महाराष्ट्राच्या संस्कृती व लोकजीवनाव...


Narendra Goidani

पालकत्व निभावण्याच्या सुंदर प्रक्रियेविषयी अनोखा अनुभव आण...


Sree Iyer

A ship carrying 2 containers, each containing Rs.5000 crores in 500- and 1000-rupee notes, docks in the dark of night at Kochi. The money is quickly distributed...


Steve Correa

Journey into the kaleidoscope of Indian business and explore the ‘context and forces’ and worldview of Indian leaders. Unravel secrets to building s...

In Circulation


In Circulation

Neelanjana Singh

या पुस्तकामध्ये ख्यातनाम आहारतज्ज्ञ नीलंजना सिंग यांनी मुल...


S.W. Deshpande


Sanjeevan Deodhar

Two experienced Ayurvedic doctors explain the best way to prepare for parenthood. With the wisdom and guidance of a well-established tradition, couples can foll...


Subhash Pawar


Karen Blumenthal

Steve Jobs: The Man Who Thought Different is a biography on one of the pioneers of the twenty-first century, who lived to change the world and left the world tr...


Dr. Hemant K. Abhyankar

From young children to old persons, even in their nineties, anyone can play Bridge. Playing Bridge is the only exercise you will need to improve and retain your...