Frozen Waves

S. S. Kumar



A Hindu king flees the Moghul army and takes refuge in Netidhopani, in Sundar-ban. His son escapes with a Roma Gypsy. The royal riches are buried in the desolate island. Two centuries later a British ship is sunk by Portuguese pirates and treasure looted and buried in the same island.

The fierce Kutia tribals massacre the pirates. The Chinese infiltrate into Sundarban, looking for a mysterious energy providing element. Pradip Roy's vacation in India in the company of Anita, his student, Raju, his nephew, and Elena with Roma roots turns into a bizarre adventure in the tiger infested jungles.

Language English
ISBN-10 938183623X
ISBN-13 9789381836231
No of pages 282
Book Publisher Leadstart Publishing Private Limited
Published Date 01 Aug 2012

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Author : S. S. Kumar


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