Startups! Finding Funding

Mehul Darooka



With more and more younsters takin a step forward into the world of business, the need for a fundin option becomes very necessary. Startups! Findin Fundin is a book that does the job perfectly. It ives a clear idea about the ways in which one can fund their new venture alon with the risks and stakes.

The book tells 20 successful fundin stories of Indian entrepreneurs who have used ways, from sellin their houses to borrowin money from family, to start their new businesses. The two authors of the book have added their story as well to this collection of inspirin stories.

Language English
ISBN-10 9789385665356
ISBN-13 9789385665356
No of pages 163
Book Publisher Vishwakarma Publications
Published Date 27 Aug 2016

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Author : Mehul Darooka


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