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Parushi kalra is a Chartered Accountant based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. She has worked as a financial model auditor and has almost 6 years of working experience.

Along with a finance background, she has also completed a short course in Creative writing from Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts, Pune, purely out of her interests in writing.

Parushi can be seen scribbling her thoughts in a diary or reading books in her free time. Writing a book has always been on her wish-list, and this has come to fruition with her debut self-help book, “Breaking up with Stress”.

She loves to read and research about the mind and behavioral aspects of an individual. How an individual feels and behaves in a particular circumstance has always interested her.

After compiling her own experiences and those of others regarding how one should react in certain situations,

she chose to write a self-help book that she believes might create a difference in people’s lives. It has always been her dream to inspire people with her writings!


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