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After seeing a lot of buzz on social media about a novel titled Stupid Cupid written by someone from Surat, we thought of meeting the man behind it, Mr. Ankit Sonthalia.

Ankit is an engineer by education and a real estate developer in Surat. We thought we were going to meet someone who would be very serious (as writers generally are) but to our surprise, Ankit was very lively, cheerful and was as excited as a child about his debut novel.

When we asked Ankit what inspired him to write, he smilingly said, ‘My wife, Ankita. After a successful attempt of impressing her through my writings and convincing her to marry me, I decided to showcase my writing skills through Stupid Cupid.’

He also invited us and all his fellow Sorties to the book launch which is on 10th July, 11-1pm at the newly constructed CANOPUS mall, near Kakatiya Complex @ God Dodd Road.

Ankit’s first work is selected to be published by a renowned publishing house of India. Stupid Cupid is a work of fiction.

It is a story about a guy named Shaan. Shaan is aimless in life but once he starts playing cricket, he follows it passionately.

Just when everything seems to be going right, Cupid strikes and Shaan is forced to choose between love and passion.

Interesting, right? After listening to the plot, we could not contain our excitement and immediately ordered our copies.

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Stupid Cupid will also be available at all the book stores across India. E-book is also available.

We wish Ankit all the success. We Sureties are proud of you.

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