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Larry Steinhouse is a Philadelphia native who has been buying and selling houses since he was 18 years old. He has a passion for investing in profitable properties, lucrative stock options, 
and teaching others how to do it.

After losing all his wealth—including over $3 million in properties—in the 2008 crash, Larry was determined not to just rebuild his financial security, but to build it differently. He has tirelessly researched the best investment strategies for both current and future financial wealth and how to keep it economy-proof. He is known for his unique money hacks that, on the surface, seem to be the complete opposite of the popular financial counsel of his day. However, these strategies have proven to be the best-kept secrets of the super-rich that have made many people wealthy and are still making people rich today.

In 2014, Larry co-founded Investor Schooling with his business partner, Phil Falcone. The school is a brick-and-mortar real estate and stock options investment school located in Newtown, PA, just outside of Philadelphia. The school welcomes investors (both novice and intermediate level investors) to come learn the tricks of the trade.

In his free time, Larry enjoys shopping for distinctive blazers that mirror his personality, driving one of his sports cars, and continuing to woo his lovely bride, Linda Steinhouse.


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