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Mokshda Jailkhani is a 29-year-old, Delhi-based Psychology honours graduate from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University, India. Born and brought up in a family of musicians, theatre artists, and philosophy hobbyists, it was during and after college that she started looking for ways to channelise her varied passions and talents to feed the fierce creative fire within, as knowing and being “just enough” was never enough for her. As a result, today she is an accomplished performing artist and content creator with a combined social media and YouTube following of 2,50,000 and growing! Graduating with honours, being the most popular contestant on a dance reality show, struggling hard with mental and physical health, starting an obscure blog online, choreographing and directing dance and music videos, and starring in a movie, she has done it all. And now Mokshda’s “Overdue Conversations” muddles all these flavours of her life experiences together and takes you on the ride of a lifetime.


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